About Aris

Hola!! I’m Aris, a curly hair enthusiast, wife and a full-time mom of a beautiful boy. My passion for jewelry, hair accessories, always made me dream about having my own store where I could share with others that part of me. After many years of dreaming about it, after my baby was born, I finally decided to make my dream come true and start my own accessories store. 

Lolin By A comes from my Blog lolinbya.com where I started sharing about my hair journey and now about my experience as a new mom. The name in the first place came out because Lolin was how my dad used to call me and I wanted a meaningful name for my brand. 

My first collection to open the store was named Rainbow. This is my way to celebrate my son, who brought happiness and color to our lives. 

Lolin By A Shop is a jewelry and hair accessories online store based in Kelowna, B.C. carefully handcrafted by myself.  Here you will find jewelry that makes you highlight your beauty every time you put it on. Delicate, affordable jewelry for every occasion, plus some beautiful hair accessories to complement the perfect outfit. 

I hope you find that perfect piece you've been searching for.