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Hola familia!!

I guess you already shopped/saw my new collection and if not, what are you waiting for??? haha.

I wanted to share with you the story behind the name and the concept of this collection. 

In one IG post I mentioned that the collection is really personal and it is, even though is also base on what you like as a costumers. Moons, stars, the universe is part of me before I even met my husband (you will know why I mention him), stars particularly are special for me and to me means love and someone important.

Here few things that inspired me on this collection: 

- My first tattoo was after the death of my dad and I picked an star as symbol of him and his love for me.

- My second tattoo has another star as symbol of me in a loving family.

- My husband is all about the universe, the space, etc... He still have a telescope that he got when he was about 10 years old and when we have a chance we look at the moon and planets.

- With my husband and his telescope was the first time that I saw the moon so clear and that moment is really special.

- My third tattoo is Saturn with stars and a moon.

- My baby's room decoration is all about moon and stars.

And if I keep going you will get bored haha.

My point is, this collection means family and love in all forms to me and that's how I would like you to see it, that when you get a piece of this collection whether is for you or for someone special you get to feel it as well.

I hope that you like it as much I do.







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