Layer up!!

Hola familia!!

Layers is the new black!! For the past few seasons layering necklaces has become an art that our favorite bloggers have mastered and honestly I love it.

There are few things to keep in mind. The first and most important is the length, make sure you opt for ones that differ in their length, for example 16, 20, 24 inch is a perfect combination. Second thing to keep in mind is color, preferably the same one, for example now everything is about gold but I'm sure that three silver necklaces will look perfect as well. Here some examples.

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u n i v e r s o . c o l l e c t i o n

Hola familia!!

I guess you already shopped/saw my new collection and if not, what are you waiting for??? haha.

I wanted to share with you the story behind the name and the concept of this collection. 

In one IG post I mentioned that the collection is really personal and it is, even though is also base on what you like as a costumers. Moons, stars, the universe is part of me before I even met my husband (you will know why I mention him), stars particularly are special for me and...

Fall is here and Gold is the trend

Hola familia!!

As I mentioned in the title, gold is the trend and will be for a while.

Gold have been ruling the jewelry game for long time, but we're seeing a twisted version gaining traction this fall and winter. Here some examples of what you will see.




Gold and Pearl combo


No matter what your style is, I'm sure there's a piece on the store that you'll absolutely love. 


Hi there!!


Hola famila!!

My name is Aris, the face behind Lolin By A Shop.

My passion for jewelry and hair accessories always made me dream about having my own store where I could share with others that part of me. After many years of dreaming about it, after my baby was born, I finally decided to make my dream come true.

Why now? My baby!... Other than what I mentioned before, other than help women to find that perfect accessories, my baby was what pushed me to do...